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Episode 30 – More Sex and Tantra

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This week’s episode is not for little kids, but when Katy said, “Oh God, are young people going to listen to this?” Stefan said, “You know what, I hope so! Because I feel like, if I’d have known when I was a young person, that sex wasn’t all this shit I was told it was about, I think it would have changed my life.” So, make your decisions accordingly.

Katy and Stefan sat down to talk more about sex and tantra! Stefan wanted to follow up on his advice to listeners to search for tantra resources online because after last week’s episode he found a quick Google search turned up none of the same resources he’s found so helpful. So we went into more detail on: “edging” and energetic or dry orgasm (which allows men to become multi-orgasmic). Stefan contends that developing edging capacity is easily attainable – that within two weeks you’ll see a difference and have a strong sense of the improvement gradient that leads to energetic orgasm and mind-blowing sex. We talked about sympathetic reactions and the importance of communication and compatibility. We also talked about tantra and Chinese Taoist sexual practice, as well as erectile and prostate issues, and the role that sex therapy can play in improving not only one’s sex life but one’s health and life as a whole. We talked about masturbation’s role in a healthy sex life and in developing sexual capacity (the practice part of it all). Finally, we delved into cervical orgasm, and its potential for cosmic orgasm equal in power to its potential for pain and trauma, the A-spot and P-spot, areas adjacent to the cervix and key players in the Cosmic O! As well as de-armoring therapy for removing trauma held in the cervix.  

At around 1:13:00, we shifted gears to talk about some different (new) approaches to anxiety and chronic pain, including the new innovations in psychedellic therapies and microdosing, and speculating on other more pragmatic approaches to changing patterns of behavior, thought, and neural-wiring–how to retrain ourselves for the environment when for example, the landscape of our lives related to stress has changed! Stefan has been addressing chest pains related to anxiety and Katy is still wrestling with her chronic pain.  


“To really have mindblowing sex, you gotta be pretty synced up with somebody. Or at least in my experience, the better the connection at all levels, the better the sex is.” 

“Sex can be a whole nother mind-blowing, amazing, fantastic, let’s do that on vacation! Let’s just go somewhere and have sex for three days – fantastic! It doesn’t get a whole lot better than that.”

“Seeing your default mental patterns can be facilitated by developing mindfulness.”


A Girl’s Guide to 21st Century Sex

Foreplay – Radio Couples and Sex Therapy podcast (highly recommended by Stefan)

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