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Episode 28 – First Guest Anchor with My Brother

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Katy’s brother Stefan has stepped in to guest anchor, to give Larkin a break from her 60+ hour a week schedule at the Wine Lab and the giddy phase of her new relationship! 🙂 Today was our first conversation. We started a little slow, but we’re looking forward to more. In fact, after we went back and watched some of the episode, Stefan got inspired to propose “Take 2: The Juice!” in which we revisit some of today’s topics with the brakes off “and really give it a squeeze.” Ha ha! There’s also a drone debacle at around 00:38:00 that’s pretty amusing.

We talked podcasting, the value in contributing other voices to the mix, pursuing the higher parts of the pyramid in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs while working in the gig economy, working for Vasse Vaught Metalcrafting https://vassevaught.com/, creating content, and then we took a break to attempt a first drone flight here at ALMF Headquarters with the hopes of getting video footage. Sadly, we broke the drone…! The afternoon drone debacle starts at around 38 minutes. Then we took a dive into Stefan’s spiritual journey from pure this-world happy-go-lucky pragmatist and near dropout high school student to the serious, hardworking (and highly competent) earner of adulthood who in middle age is quite the philosopher with a consciousness practice. How did that happen? We took a first pass at it today. There were some funny moments talking about Stefan’s realization in his mid-thirties that he had zero emotional intelligence…like a caveman…and had to use a diagram to figure out what his emotions even were! Then a deep dive into the process of creative inspiration and Katy’s extended experience of writing under the direction of a Muse and ending with some humility. 🙂

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