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Episode 27 – Perfection is Boring

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This week, Larkin nursed a sore throat from the Sugar Shine Shack and Katy tuned in from her bed – not in pj’s, just in need of a softer perch. We were both exhausted from over-extending under the influence of the Pisces Full Moon, which this year lined up pretty close to Neptune. Themes of overdoing: fun, drinks with friends, games of dice…! Or putting together the pdf Starshine Planner in a day! And Larkin felt we should share the mess as well as the victories, so we tuned in for that and had a lot to talk about that circled back around the the larger issues we all face: How to mourn endings, how to speak up for ourselves and say what we need and what we mean, how to manage social pressures and expectations, how to be in touch with our rage since denying it seems to lead unerringly to depression, and the destructive power of perfectionism. In homage to Libra where the sun will pass the next month starting on Wednesday September 22: A Stepford life requires Prozac! Which led to our title meme: “Perfection is boring.”

Here’s the 2021 Libra (September/October) *Starshine* Planner

This month, we’ve got both online and printable pdf for you! This will probably be our last printable *Starshine*  Planner. We’re going to be dialing the Planner back going forward to create a tool that mostly Larkin and Katy will use to help navigate these wild and woolly times and for Katy to keep honing her craft since she got insight this month that part of her calling has to do with astrology (though she’s not quite ready yet and not banking on anything). But, per a conversation Katy had with her guide this morning, we don’t need to be the dispensary of astrological transit insight to the wider community. The Planner will still be publicly available as long as we produce it. 

So, yes, we talked astrology: Venus 5th Gate (our current gate) and next month’s insane Venus 6th Gate exact conjunct the South Node in Sagittarius a few hours after Mercury retrograde’s exact conjunction with the Sun (start of the Mercury Cycle) and a day and a half after Mars’ exact conjunction with the Sun! Mind bombs. More in the September/October 2021 Planner

We also debriefed the lost episode, last week’s Episode 26 – Vaccines and Civil Liberties – a little about why we cancelled it, some take-aways, and the adjacent issue of surveillance in the wake of 911 and the Patriot Act, the rise of better and better AI (ps – this is Elon Musk’s top fear – watch here), icky feelings about Facebook and how to take down an account, and stuff like that!

Quotes and Excerpts:

“We make a mess, and then we clean it up. And then we make another mess. And we just keep doing that, and that’s our lives.” – Davarshi’s lecture on the Baghavad Gita at Kripalu.

“Perfection is the enemy of the good,” learned in Psychology school.

“There’s no way I’m a perfectionist. I’m nowhere near perfect.” – Larkin

“Just taking Prozac is not cuttin’ it, okay. I need to tap into my soul. And this plant medicine helps me do that.”

“I’m getting old lady crepe neck.”

“When I go onto Facebook, I feel icky and naked.”

“We’re having to deal with fear and uncertainty.”

“I think we have a sense of foreboding, that something is coming, we don’t know what it is, it’s spooky, it’s big…”

“In China, they are doing such extensive surveillance of their citizens…the technology exists.”

“Everyone online, on social media now, is being digested by AI in a way that it wasn’t before.”

“Influencing public opinion has become this very sophisticated art, and you don’t even know the ways you’re being influenced.” “It’s because most of us are asleep!”

“If you can’t bear to sit down for five minutes and meditate, just have the mindful moments of pause.”

Finally, we do have a donate button on our website (see the main menu at the top of the site at alittlemorefree.com), if you want to contribute! 
See you next week!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 27 – Perfection is Boring”

  1. Oh, I so agree about the spirit of aloha in Hawaii being a real thing!
    And, as you spoke about, the humbling influence of living for a while in a culture that is more socially level/casual really seeps into your awareness in such a sweet way that you only realize it when you return to a place of hierarchies. That’s definitely part of the longing to return…

    1. I think that this might be a main point I’ve been trying to get to within myself for years now, that has been hard to even identify because we’re so embedded in a social context: how to bring the spirit of Aloha to wherever I’m living or this community in particular? Or maybe it simply solves a perennial problem?

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