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Episode 23 – The Witches of Wine Lab Coven

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This week, Larkin shared big news about the future of her life and work! It is not what you think it will be, and adds to the growing sense about these times we’re in, a sense which continues to unfold in ever more unexpected ways: that we are in a profound window of transformation, triggered by the great stakes our world is facing. As of this week, the Witches of Wine Lab Coven has been founded (wheee!), ALMF’s IG account has been launched (ohhh…! please follow us), and we’ve been bouncing off the ceiling all week long as Mercury has been conjunct Mars and opposite Neptune… It’s been manic! But also, Katy is on a passionate mission to stop supporting commercial fishing, which is a big player in the devastation of ocean biodiversity.

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I've been waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and what I've been waiting for has arrived.

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