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Episode 20 – Jade Grigori on Shamanic Healing

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Jade Grigori and Katy explore the nature of shamanic healing for medical illnesses and conditions, from the potential for miracles to the acceptance of imperfection within the physical limits of shamanism’s potential for facilitating healing.

We had a few blips with the sound that couldn’t be edited out, sorry about that!

If you missed Jade’s previous podcast, you can watch it here A Little More Free, Episode 9: Jade Wah’oo Grigori, Curator of the Sacred, in which Jade shares stories from his life as a shaman, from his training with longtime teacher Grampa Pena of the San Juan Pueblo Indians to a Los Angeles curandera to his recognition by the Mongolian Shamans’ Association. It is a rich telling which even includes stories of levitation!


Visit Jade’s website at https://jadegrigori.com/

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