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Episode 18 – Tales from the New Age with Diane Goff

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This week our special guest was Diane Goff, Larkin’s mom and Katy’s “Diane” since childhood. We invited her to share her stories from the period from 1985 to 2001 when Uranus and Neptune were conjunct within 15 degrees known colloquially as the New Age! These slow-moving outer planets only align in a conjunction every 170 years, and their influence is subtle but still powerful. Richard Tarnas describes these periods as “epochal shifts of cultural vision,” [1] and the New Age, for better or for worse, was one of those times! Not everyone embraced its currents, but for those who did, it was a lively time of exploration and experimentation. Diane shared some of her highs and lows from that time.

We ran long, so we broke the episode in half and will publish the second half next week. This week, she talks about the group of women artist friends, Web 6, who became an enduring feature of her life, and her discovery of shamanic journey work. Her powerful emotional connection with her power animal, Kan, would sustain her through the painful loss of her parents and long decline of her mother to dementia. Her shamanic journey work would also play (according to some analyses) an unexpected role in her kundalini rising, which she shares in part two, coming next week.

Tracking the Uranus-Neptune Alignment

Uranus conjunct Neptune was within 20 degrees from 1983 to 2004, and made 3 exact conjunction alignments in 1993: February 2, August 20, and October 24.

It was joined by Jupiter, which made an exact conjunction with Neptune on January 9, 1997, and with Uranus on February 15, 1997 (within 15 degrees ~ March 1996 – December 1997).

Saturn joined Uranus and Neptune earlier in the alignment period (within 15 degrees ~ 1986-1992). Saturn was exact conjunct Uranus on February 12, June 26, October 18, 1988, and exact conjunct Neptune on March 3, June 23, and November 13, 1989. The Berlin Wall came down on November 9, 1989 presided over by Uranus, Venus, Saturn and Neptune all within 10 degrees(Saturn and Neptune conjunct within 14 minutes) while opposing Jupiter-Chiron (Jupiter within half a degree of the tight Saturn-Neptune conjunction)!

And more, but that’s a good place to start…

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[1] Tarnas, R. (2006). Cosmos and psyche: Intimations for a new world view. [E-book] (p. 355). Penguin Group USA.

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