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Episode 14 *Starshine* Astro Planner Launch

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We are launching our Free Astrological Planner this week. In keeping with the stars and starfish theme from our last Episode 13 β€œThe Starfish,” we are calling it Starshine! We’re aiming for a monthly planner in both online and downloadable digital or printable format. It’s beautiful, full of interpretations, information about astrology, how to work with your own transits, plus space for notes, use it as a calendar planne, and the online version makes mobile access easier.

Corrections: 1) The exact alignment of retrograde Mercury with the sun occurred half a day after the eclipse, not before it. 2) It is not rare but the norm for planets to go through a stationary point when changing directions. Apparently, I had recently changed a setting in my astrology software and hadn’t noticed this before it began displaying the stationary periods for me. However, it isn’t part of the astrological traditions around the planetary cycles, especially the Mercury cycle, to my knowledge. 3) Various astrological traditions have Mercury teachings, and Shamanic Astrology has a much more extensive tradition than most. I simply feel that there are big gaps and that this year, more information about Mercury is emerging in synchronistic timing with the close alignment of the beginning of the Master Mercury cycle and the June 2021 solar eclipse in Gemini. Details and tracking here:

We have decided NOT to make people sign up for the newsletter to get the Planner. If you love it, you’ll be back. If you want to sign up for the newsletter, you can get notices when we publish our astrology-focused podcast episodes–we’re inviting people to post questions on the online monthly planner and we’ll answer them in the podcast. πŸ™‚

Get the June/July 2021 Astrological Planner:

Because the special astrological period we’re in will be almost over by the time the planner takes effect on June 20 at the start of sun in Cancer, here is a juicy nugget of revealed insight about Mercury on the North Node (where it has been since early May) in its retrograde conjunct the sun phase:

☀ Hermetic Mercury β€“ The (speculative) Hermetic Mercury phase while it is retrograde conjunct the sun near the North Node happens once a year. This is a transmitter of Hermetic knowledge about how the universe works! Very cool. This is a good time to delve into any area of universal knowledge, to seek insight, to find your own revelations. Information coming through right now is very progressive and aligned with your personal growth or path in life. This phase ends on June 21 (at 15 degrees separation) or on June 18 (at 10 degrees separation, another bit of speculation, tradition has it at 10 degrees), when Mercury emerges in the morning sky. Mercury virtually stands still from June 21 to 23, though technically it begins to move direct on June 22. That makes this period while not yet moving direct in the morning sky a very short and special time. We are speculatively calling it the Investigator of Knowledge, able to pull out the golden (living) threads in any body of knowledge. When it turns direct in the morning sky near the North Node, it becomes a messenger, bearing the good news. A perfect time to launch this planner!

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