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Episode 13 “The Starfish”

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This was the episode of the starfish, which appeared in abundance all over the beach at Pawleys Island, SC where Larkin recorded this episode…and as stars on the sweatshirts she bought just before heading to the beach! An example of synchronicity as a marker that you’re on your path, that you’re living and moving in alignment with your soul as Jade the Shaman reminded me this weekend. Why are the stars and the starfish showing up right now? The story about the starfish is that there’s a wasting disease causing them to lose their grip on the sea floor so they’re washing up and getting stranded by the tide. Beyond that, who knows? The stars are aligning everywhere, the connections interweaving us all. Larkin remembered the presence of Spider Woman, Co-Creator, in all of her recent readings, reflected and repeated here in the synchronistic repetition of the patterns of stars: on sand and shirts and even in our upcoming Celestial Calendar for the June 20-July 22, 2021 month of Cancer! But reflected more deeply and meaningfully in Carolyn Myss’ perspective on co-creation, which I shared today after watching her recent free teaser webinar for a paid series called The Great Transformation on Sounds True.

Carolyn Myss insists that co-creation is not about materialistic Santa Claus fantasies of wish-fulfillment, but is what we do every moment of every day. Every breath we take, every action, every reaction, thought and attitude is a co-creation. Through our thoughts, words, and deeds, we dramatically and powerfully impact all of creation: because we are intimately interconnected–which is the teaching of Spider Woman! We are all woven together in a great and entangled web. (We are all in this together!) Furthermore, we can participate in the great transformations we are called to at this time by leaning into the power of love. A great example Carolyn shared was about tackling that little spike of envy we so often feel when we hear of another person’s success or love or joy. Or maybe we go farther to criticize or undermine someone out of envy or competition. Leaning into loving generosity to genuinely celebrate another person’s happiness or success is a great place to practice the power of love, especially if it’s hard to do. Indeed, anything that forces us out of the myth of separation and scarcity and into loving connection triggers an internal transformation. Jesus told Glenda Green that the instruction to “love your enemies” was not meant to create weaklings but to galvanize the heart because the heart is the only part of you that can genuinely love your enemies! It’s like radical kung fu! So this work is really like becoming a Jedi warrior to seek out all the dark and hidden places where we fall short of lovingness. Doing this work reduces our output of psychic toxicity and radiates out in a way that makes a difference, changes lives, affects things even at the worldwide scale–try it and watch what happens!

Elsewhere this week, a friend found a life they love building boats the old-fashioned way, I got a big upgrade in my understanding of Shamanic Journeying from Jade the Shaman, teaching yoga as an option to work that doesn’t involve standing or sitting at a desk, and toying with the idea of developing our property in North Carolina so that we can share the rapturous beauty of the forest in our sheltered private valley.

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