“You are the richness of the universe, the depth and completion of it all.”

— Glenda Green, Love Without End: Jesus Speaks

A Little More Free Podcast

The podcast for artists, mystics, and rebels has completed a first season and is now ended. We have archived all but The Last Episode (34), the Bonus Episode The Body Compass, and the interviews. Find these wherever you get your podcasts.


The Starshine Astrological Planner is on indefinite hold, but the archive, as well as a number of guides (on the Venus and Mercury Cycles, and Transit Guide with beginner material and a worksheet) can be found here:

Your Hosts

Our parents were best friends and lo – we ended up sharing many of the same interests. During the pandemic, we kept having profound conversations over Zoom, saying “We should record this,” and finally did! Now, after a year’s worth of conversations we’ve called it a wrap. We’ve left our interviews with our guests to catch up on in the archive.


I am a Forest Reiki Practitioner, Certified Wayfinder Life Coach, yoga teacher and Certified Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Guide, lifelong nature lover, adventurer, and spiritual seeker.


I am a writer, philosopher, artist, seeker, and archetypal astrologer, with a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, on a nearly lifelong quest to understand the heart of the human story.

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